You’ve got a great start-up idea. We can help make it happen.

You’ve got a great start-up idea. We can help make it happen.


A long time client of Matrix Mortgage Global, Lloyd, had wanted to open up his own small business; a bottled water company. He had the business name registered for over 5 years and his friends started to tease him that he was never going to make the jump and start production.

Lloyd was lamenting the lack of encouragement from his friends. He felt it was finally get his start-up off the ground, but he was having trouble with the business loan application.

“Lloyd” we said, “why don’t we just refinance your house instead of applying for a small business loan at the bank?”

“Really?” said Lloyd.

“Yup. The interest rate would be less, plus you won’t have to go through the hassle of lengthy application processes and rejections. We already have all your information on file, and there is sufficient equity to get your business running!”



Lloyd was thrilled with the idea, so we took equity out of his home and a few months later his business start-up was finally off the ground. Today “Fountain of Youth” Bottled Water is in several restaurants across the city. Congrats Lloyd!


Do you have a business idea, but aren’t sure how to get financing? We’ll have your home equity working for you in no time! Call us a call to talk about it at 1.800.429.0717

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