5 Reasons To Become a Mortgage Agent

5 Reasons To Become a Mortgage Agent

5 Reasons To Become A Mortgage Agent

5 reasons to become a mortgage agent

1)    Housing market demands do not dictate mortgage business success – 30% of Ontario residents have mortgages, and they renew every 1-3 years.

2)    Learn to build wealth through real estate: help yourself and your whole network reach financial freedom

3)    If you’re salaried, you can get fired at any time and you are likely on a fixed income. As a commissioned mortgage agent, there is ultimately more control in your earning capacity.

4)    Mortgages are complimentary to many other products and services that you are able to cross-promote to your clientele, for example as an insurance agent, financial advisor, realtor, contractor, car sales, marketing, etc.

5)    Capitalize on a growth industry – broker market share is over 55% for first-time buyers. There were 900,000 new mortgages registered in Canada for 2018.

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