A Fresh Start After Bankruptcy: Deal Of The Week

A Fresh Start After Bankruptcy: Deal Of The Week



A row of new townhouses or condominiums.

Ajax, ON Rowhouse

Valued at $425,000

Current 1st Mortgage: $275,000


Clients want to refinance their mortgage to pay out Bankruptcy. They also plan to sell their house next year and need cash for renovations.

Matrix Mortgage Funded:

New 1st Mortgage:


Paid out bankruptcy $40,000

Secured Line of Credit Card to rebuild credit: $5000

Cash in hand for renovations: $20,000

Our clients are in a MUCH better position now to move ahead with their goals of rebuilding their credit and preparing their house to sell in the new year with PROPERTYXCHANGE Realty Brokerage. If you could benefit from a fresh start, Matrix Mortgage Global is here to help. Call us 24/7 at 1.800.429.0717 or chat with our support here on our website. 

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