Deal Of The Week: Consumer Proposal Wipe Out

Deal Of The Week: Consumer Proposal Wipe Out


Consumer Proposal:



Owner-Occupied Detached Home
Mississauga, Ontario

The Deal:

Refinance Property to pay out existing 1st mortgage & wipe out consumer proposal so they can save money and rebuild credit. Both clients full-time employed, 533 & 569 Beacon scores

Matrix Mortgage Global Funded:

New 1st mortgage: $483,000 @ 70% LTV

1-year term

Client Savings After Refinance:



Are you paying high monthly payments for your consumer proposal? Matrix Mortgage Global uses your home equity to wipe out consumer proposals and increase your monthly cash flow and start rebuilding your credit. Call us 24/7 for your fresh start at 1.800.429.0717 or email

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