Consumers Enjoying Online Convenience and Won’t Give it up After COVID-19

Consumers Enjoying Online Convenience and Won’t Give it up After COVID-19

The COVID-19 health crisis has forced many businesses to go online. Even businesses that previously thought they were “in-person” only are finding that when necessity demands it, they are able to adopt new technology. Now some business owners are probably looking forward to things “getting back to normal” but the truth is that things will never go completely back. Consumers have now had a taste the of the convenience of online services and they won’t want to abandon that simply because lockdown is over. Savvy business owners will understand this and learn how to adapt. 

According to Statisa, online sales have boomed since the start of COVID-19 and rose 587% between March 11 and April 14 compared to the same timeframe last year. 

Companies invested in e-commerce with a strong digital presence are thriving

Companies who were already invested in e-commerce and had a high Google ranking were the ones that tended to thrive during COVID-19. They were easier for customers to find and so they merely had to pivot a larger percentage of their business to digital. 

Those companies that were not already online struggled more. Some of them were successful in quickly developing their online presence, but for many the learning curve was quite steep. 

What about businesses that cannot sell their services online? 

Other businesses such as hair salons and massage therapists faced even greater challenges because they were working with services that cannot be provided online. For these types of businesses, we recommend using this time to develop your digital presence through increased interaction with you customers via webinars, social media, etc. 

This is also the time to work on your content marketing and your search engine optimization. 

Considerations for going online

Even if your business is not quite there yet, it is not too late to go online. Remember, customers are still going to want online services even after the pandemic ends. If you are considering doing more business online remember to factor in additional costs such as software, shipping, and inventory. 

As your business goes online, it is not only a valuable opportunity to provide something that your customers already want, but it is also an opportunity to expand your reach and your customer base. 

At Matrix Mortgage Global, we want to see business owners thrive. If you have any concerns that we may be able to help with, please give us a call. 

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