Home Equity Loan vs. Mortgage Refinancing: Which is Better?

Home Equity Loan vs. Mortgage Refinancing: Which is Better?

Matrix Mortgage Global – Stop Power of Sale with our HOME SAVER program

Power of sale, also known as foreclosure can be a scary prospect for any homeowner. Typically, your mortgage will have a clause in it that allows the bank to sell your home if you are not able to make your payments. This allows the bank or lender to recover some of the money they from the missed payments. Not being able to pay your bills can be incredibly frustrating and dehumanizing, but when you also face the prospect of being thrown out of your home, the situation becomes that much worse.

Homeowners can get into these situations for a number of reasons including job loss, or illness. At Matrix Mortgage Global, we understand that you don’t want to add your home to the list of losses that you are already experiencing. That’s why we offer a program called HOME SAVER which is specifically designed to help you stop power of sale.

If you have been issued a notice that your lender is foreclosing on your property, you should contact Matrix Mortgage Global right away. There are ways for you to stay in your home and we can help you explore them and get a solution that works for you.

We work with a large pool of alternative lenders who can offer solutions to help you keep your home.

Stop power of sale regardless of your credit

No matter how bad your credit is or what your income, our mortgage experts can help you explore options to stop power of sale. We offer financing solutions that allow you to pay off arrears or help you get a new mortgage with another lender so that you will not be foreclosed on.

In addition to helping you stop power of sale, we can also help with other debt problems. Through our innovative mortgage solutions, we can help you pay off debt so that creditors stop calling you and you stop facing legal proceedings due to unpaid debts.

Even if time is of the essence our experienced team can help, often getting you the financing you need in as little as two days.

Call the team at Matrix Mortgage Global today

If you are facing power of sale or any other issues with debt, there are mortgage solutions that can help. The Matrix team is well experienced in helping clients stop power of sale, stay in your home and repair their credit. Call us today for a consultation at 1-877-371-5293.


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