How a mortgage broker can help you with a consumer proposal payout!

How a mortgage broker can help you with a consumer proposal payout!

Most people considering or going through consumer proposal payout might not think about making a call to their mortgage broker, but they should. Some mortgage brokers, including Matrix Mortgage Global, are able to offer innovative solutions to help people pay out their consumer proposals faster.

mortgage broker can help you with a consumer proposal payout!

What is consumer proposal?

A consumer proposal is an alternative to bankruptcy. It allows those who are struggling to pay their creditors the opportunity to erase their debts by paying only a portion of what they would normally owe. If you do choose to go into consumer proposal, however, it is vitally important that all payments be made on time if not early. Once a consumer proposal is paid off, you can begin repairing your credit.  Naturally then, you will want to pay off that consumer proposal as soon as possible.

At Matrix Mortgage Global, we understand the importance of getting your credit back on track as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer programs to help you pay back your creditors when you are in a consumer proposal.  We have access to a wide range of lenders who can offer solutions regardless of how much debt you have or how bruised your credit is.

Why work with a mortgage broker for a consumer proposal payout?

One of the best options that many people have when they are in consumer proposal is to make use of the equity in their homes to help them pay it off. And when it comes to using home equity, no one understands your options better than a professional mortgage broker.

There are a number of solutions available that make use of home equity including refinancing, second mortgages, home equity lines of credit and for individuals, over the age of 55, there is a reverse mortgage. Most of these loans can be paid off at any time.  Your mortgage broker can sit down with you, evaluate your situation and help you determine which mortgage solution makes that most sense for you.

And best of all? These mortgage solutions for consumer proposal payouts are approved automatically as long as you have sufficient equity in your home. Approval is not based on your credit.

If you need help, paying off a consumer proposal so you can start repairing your credit, call the team at Matrix Mortgage Global today for a consultation. We can be reached anytime day or night at 1-877-371-5293.

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